Bruce Lee’s Real Speed & Fight at Karate Tournament 1967

Bruce Lee’s Real Speed & Fight at Karate Tournament 1967 | Брюс Ли на турнире по карате 1967 года.

In 1967, Vic Moore and Bruce Lee both appeared at the Long Beach International Karate Championships in Long Beach, California. Bruce Lee performed a few short demonstrations including his famous “One Inch Punch” and “Two Finger Pushup”. Vic Moore took part in a martial arts speed drill against Bruce Lee, the founder of Jeet Kune Do. The rest is in the footage here.

After watching the speed drill challenge between Bruce Lee and World Karate Champion Vic Moore, what do you think about Bruce Lee’s speed? What do you think about his ability in a real fight? Do you think he is the real deal? If this was a real fight between Bruce Lee and Vic Moore, who do you think will win in the fight? Is it really important to have a title to prove you are a good fighter?
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