Amber Heard Speaks On Suing WB For Removing Her From Aquaman

Amber Heard Speaks On Suing WB For Removing Her From Aquaman Spolier Alert! The first test screening of Aquaman 2 happened, and guess what?! Amber Heard is still very much in Aquaman 2 and she apparently has even more screentime! Okay, what in the world is happening? Did Amber sue Warner Bros.? We have all the juicy details!

A rumor that Warner Bros. had completely removed Amber from Aquaman 2 started making rounds after insiders said that the decision was made after execs met in private. The rumor then sparked further discussion when one Twitter user responded by saying, “It separates the artist from the person until it’s a woman.” In response, one follower wrote, “Johnny lost the iconic role of captain jack sparrow? Almost all the companies left him due to the controversies surrounding him?…. And you’re crying about the one role she lost that in which her acting was mid.” And another person added, “Did you say that when Johnny Depp lost his roles in Fantastic Beasts and Pirates? He got canceled on nothing more than an allegation. She lost a trial and you’re trying to spread hyperbole.”

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