Cobra Kai Season 6 “Sekai Taikai” Trailer (2023) Jaden Smith, Hillary Swank, Ralph Macchio

Cobra Kai Season 6 “Sekai Taikai” Trailer (2023) Jaden Smith, Hillary Swank, Ralph Macchio(Fan Made) Cobra Kai became one of the top franchise not only of all time but also in the channel. One main part of the concept was bringing back Mike Barnes character which actual came true for Season 5. Even getting indorsed by the actor himself Sean Kanan was an icing on the cake. I was thrilled to share my concept for Season 6 because it only gets better. One name going around to return was Jaden Smith from Karate Kid reboot. So I made the fans dream by including him here as well Julie Pearce which we still yet to see.

After Season 5 the one thing everyone is talking about is the Sekai Taikai international tournament which is the biggest stage in the world. Fortunately the previews versions (season 5 dream trailers) happen to still be qualified for season 6 dream trailer because the concept still stands and even had a scene to look like Sekai Taikai. The clip is from WORLD KARATE FEDERATION which I edited in TV with the Sekai Taikai logo I made while Johnny and Daniel watches it (clip from Netflix interview).

Another big question after Season 5 was who will be the new owner of Cobra Kai since Silver is out of the picture. So for Season 6 dream trailer I made Mike Barnes be the one to take the lead since he was a former best student of the dojo and then Jaden Smith be his number one student. I made custom breaking news to make this plot happen. Like last time we get BAYLEN LEVINE Cobra Kai prank clips this time in motorcycle which I connected with clip of Jayden Smith. “Pick a side” line from Johnny was perfect to connect the scene of Julie Pearce saying “I can see that” making the scene about her deciding which dojo to join.

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