MAN OF STEEL 2 – Teaser Trailer | Henry Cavill is Back! | Warner Bros. Pictures DC

Announced to be in development months ago, new updates have come out about Man of Steel 2 to help clarify its status at DC Studios. Henry Cavill officially returned to the DC Universe this year after being absent from the franchise since 2017. While brief, Cavill’s Superman appeared during the Black Adam post-credits scene where he shared a brief encounter with Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero. Not long after the film’s release, Man of Steel 2 was put in early development.

However, reports about the next Superman film have now been put into question following new claims that DC Studios is making a significant overhaul to the DCU. Deadline has followed up with more details on what’s going on with Man of Steel 2. Before James Gunn and Peter Safran were tapped to lead DC Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures’ Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy approved Cavill’s Superman appearance in Black Adam, with the hope of getting him in his own solo film in the coming years. However, Cavill announcing that he was back as Superman was something he did on his own and wasn’t something WBD had planned to do after Black Adam’s release. This was right before Gunn and Safran’s announcement was made. De Luca and Abdy had, however, received one Man of Steel 2 pitch from an unnamed writer but weren’t happy with it. Man of Steel 2 never received an official green light and didn’t have a director attached, and Warner Bros. is waiting on a better pitch.

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