AVATAR 2 – NEW FINAL TRAILER (2022) 20th Century Studios

Initial reactions to Avatar: The Way of Water are expectedly good, and they needed to be, given the immense pressure surrounding James Cameron’s sequel. The first reactions to Avatar: The Way of Water herald the movie as a worthy follow-up to the first Avatar film, with some critics even claiming that the sequel is the superior work. The long-anticipated return of the Avatar franchise arrives with a similar level of acclaim to its predecessor 13 years ago. However, these reactions could still change following the wide release of Avatar: The Way of Water on December 16, 2022.

Avatar: The Way of Water’s early reactions are comprised of near-unanimous praise for its revolutionary visual effects, through some are critical of the sequel’s derivative nature. Given that the Avatar franchise has three more confirmed sequels, it’s encouraging for James Cameron that the majority of responses to the second installment are positive. Indeed, with Avatar 3 having already wrapped up filming and Avatar 4 currently in production, it’s pivotal that Avatar: The Way of Water lands with audiences in hopes of propelling a vested interest in the franchise’s future.

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