I AM LEGEND 2 – First Look Teaser Trailer (2023) New HBO Max (HD) News Concept

I AM LEGEND 2 – First Look Teaser Trailer (2023) New HBO Max (HD) News Concept I Am Legend is arguably one of Will Smith’s best movies. The recent Oscar-winner plays Robert Neville, a lone scientist at the end of the world working on a cure for the Darkseekers, infected humans turned into vampire-like creatures. Based on the work of Richard Matheson, the film sees Neville struggling with the loneliness of isolation in an abandoned Manhattan home, with only his dog and mannequins for company. Smith gave a memorable performance, and the movie did well enough in theaters to warrant a sequel. But this was over ten years ago.

There had been a second installment announced once upon a time. There were even talks of a prequel film set before the Darkseeker outbreak. In a period where sequels were cranked out relentlessly, a new I Am Legend film would have been a shoo-in at the box office. Despite this, a new movie is just now being put together, after 15 years since the original film’s release. What took so long for I Am Legend 2 to happen?

Following the success of I Am Legend, a prequel was announced with both Smith and director Francis Lawrence in talks to return. The determiner to acquiring the two was the script and whether the story would be enough to pull the two back in. The plot would see Robert Neville’s life before the fall of New York, culminating in a final stand against the infected. However, the project never took off. One of the reasons is the release of a film with a similar premise. Director Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion followed the spread of a deadly virus that kills millions. Cities across the country enter into a pandemic, with characters either quarantined or working to find a cure. Lawrence felt that releasing a new film based on the outbreak of a deadly virus would have “felt forced” and was at risk of piggybacking off of Soderbergh’s movie.

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