10 Famous Child Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers

Number 10.) Lindsey Lohan Lindsay Lohan has a tragic story to tell. There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was loved by everyone and was considered one of the most promising actresses. With her role in mean girls,
she took the world by storm. The New York Times reports that one point, she was even “America’s favorite troubled teen”. Lindsay started acting from age 3 and her acting portfolio helped her land the famous role in the movie: parent trap”. As her celebrity status grew, Lindsay Lohan started spending more time at New York nightclubs and stories about her struggles started coming up in newspapers pretty often. In 2007, she was arrested twice, and both times, she was in possession of drugs. She was sent to rehab to get better but things didn’t really work out. In
2010, she spent 13 days in jail after violating probation and missing seven alcohol education classes. Lindsay has gotten better since then and has been trying to flip her life around but her
glory days are behind her.

Number 9.) Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes was the ultimate scene-stealer in the 2010 teen comedy, Easy A. Byes worked alongside Emma Stone in the critically acclaimed film in the role of Marianne Bryant, a devout Christian. But shortly before the release of Easy A, Bynes shocked fans by announcing her
indefinite hiatus from acting, which lasted a long time and that’s when the screwups began. In 2012, the former actress was charged with a DUI. Within the next two years, Bynes found more trouble with a reckless endangerment charge, marijuana possession, and setting a fire in a stranger’s driveway. After seeking help from loved ones and medical professionals, Bynes
announced that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in late 2014. She managed to find sobriety and took responsibility for her past erratic behavior, which she admittedly credited to
her substance abuse.

If you are a 90s child you probably watched barney and friends in your free time, and if youdidn’t, we feel sorry for your childhood. The had a young child star who went on to shock the
world with her amazing life. yes, we are talking about demi Lovato. She went on to star in the famous timeless movie camp rock. Even as a teenager, she was a successful singer and a movie
star who became everyone’s favorite. But just like almost every teen, she couldn’t deal with thestardom. Demi started using cocaine on her tours and she couldn’t go without it for more than an
hour. She later went to rehab where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She started getting better but life brought her down once again in 2018 when she overdosed on the drug and was
rushed to hospital where her life was barely saved.

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